Our awesome staff is here to help you!!  Meet The Team!



Owner/Creative Director/ Certified Pole Instructor

•Mother of 3

•Former USGF Coach 2000

•Nashville Pole Queen 2007

•Certified Pole Instructor 2007 - Present

•USPDF finalist 2009

•Playboy Radio 2009

•Feature Showgirl 2010-2016

•Winner of Multiple Club Titles

•Aerial Acrobat and Instructor

•Burlesque Performer and Choreographer

•17 year Industry Professional

My philosophy is do what you love and you will never work a day in your life! Dance and acrobatics have done so much for me throughout my life, if I can share even a little bit of the happiness it brings me then my job is done. Whether we are battling depression or just the daily routine of life, I want women to have a safe and beautiful place to get away, make friends, feel confident and let go of the things that hold them down. Dance truly is an outlet and extremely therapeutic, so come see me, we will dance it off together :)



Marian was born in raised in Texas where she found a passion for dance and music around age 4 and has been dancing ever since! Her dance abilities range from traditional Tap dance to modern Zumba and Dance Hall choreography. She a firery bellydancing redhead and we are so happy to have her here at Katwalk!!!!!



Courtney has been practicing belly dance in the Clarksville area for 10 years and has performed all over Kentucky and Tennessee. She has studied several forms of belly dance and has even received instruction from Zoe Jakes and Kami Liddle. Her passion lies in combing the slinky serpentine stylings of Tribal Fusion and Dark Cabaret with her love for Heavy Metal ;)



I was born and raised in Clarksville Tn. After raising 6 children, it was time to work on myself. I joined the YMCA and started my fitness journey. I fell in love with Zumba so much that I became an instructor! I am thrilled to be a part of the Katwalk Team. Sharing my love of music, fitness and dance in such an encouraging and positive environment is truly a gift!




Morgan started teaching pole fitness in 2007, and fell in love with the the art (and workout)! In addition to her passion for pole, Morgan is also an endangered species biologist that works with federally threatened and endangered bats. She is the proud mother of an adorable, but very busy toddler and is originally from NYC, but has lived in Clarksville for most of her life and hopefully will never leave us!!!



What up divas?! I'm Anthony and I love to bring it to the dance floor! I have a broad variety of dance and acrobatic training including Contemporary and yes even Vouge! Come dance with me and I will help you work it, whether you want to learn a simple Booty Pop or a Diva Death Drop! Personality and Originality at it's best!!!



Janelle was born and raised in Detroit. She began her passion for dancing as a little girl making up dances and performing them for family and friends. She began formal dance classes at the age of 10, including ballet, tap, jazz, modern, hip hop, and African dance styles. She has performed in numerous dance companies. She is also a performer with the Katwalk Kittens Alternative Burlesque Group.



Heather is a certified Zumba Instructor but does so much more than just that! She is experienced in Ballroom, Hip Hop, Chairdance and Choreography. When she's not shakin her bacon in class she is pursuing a career as a Photographer and Flight Attendant. We love her style as it ranges from sassy to classy and her positive attitude keeps us all motivated!