Katwalk Pole Series 


Intro to Pole


Your introduction to pole starts here. You will get a taste of everything! You'll learn stretches, dance moves, floorwork, basic pole lifts, spins and tricks. We start nice and slow so you can fully understand what Pole Fitness is and what to expect in our classes.  This class is a requirement before you can start the Pole Program.  You can also take this class as many times as needed.


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Pole Level 1

This Program is designed for new pole students to learn Correct Pole Technique and Form while building Strength and gaining Flexibility. We cover all of your foundation Tricks, Spins, Climbs and Dance moves as well as all of the fun extras. You are encouraged to learn at your own pace, rushing progress or jumping ahead can lead to injuries and feel overwhelming. Just remember- Pole Fitness is a journey, not a race! When you are ready to move on, a graduation will be held!

You must take Intro to Pole before joining Level 1.


 Pole Level 2



 Pole Level 2 consists of Evolution Tricks, Inverted and Aerial Moves, Combinations, Floorwork and Balance Poses. All dance moves and Pole poses will be combined to create a fluid routine. This level of pole will progress slightly faster because your basics are under your belt, but you are still encouraged to learn at your own pace. ( It is important to know your skill level before jumping in a class to avoid injury and disruption to the other students.)

 (You must graduate Level 1 or be approved to attend this class)


Pole Level 3

This is where it really starts to get fun!   Here we have moved on to Thigh holds, Split grips, Handstands, Intermediate Floorwork and Flow, Aerial Combinations and much more ;)

 You must graduate Level 2 or consult with Kat before joining this class.



This class is just what it sounds like, the acrobatic/gymnastic style of Pole Dance.  Learn a large variety of fun and inspiring moves and combinations great for any level student.  Shoes are optional.

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Exotic Flow

The Art of Stripper Style.  Traditional Exotic dance choreography perfected over 17 years of experience in the Adult Industry, we are excited to share these sexy and show stopping moves.  You don't have to be an Entertainer to dance sexy with us but we welcome all Dancers to come improve their skills in these sultry classes.


Spin Pole

In this class we unlock the poles to create a more visual style of Pole.  You will learn a variety of Grips and Poses while controlling your speed and form.

(You must complete Level 1 to attend this class)


Handstands & Flexibility

In this class we combine correct technique and strength building to help you achieve the perfect handstand and intense stretching specific to Pole and Aerial moves.  If you are trying to master your handstand, splits, backbend, shoulder and hip flexibility and more, this is the class for you!  


Katwalk Aerial Classes


Lyra/ Static Trapeze



This is a popular one!!! Dance studios across the world have added Lyra and Trapeze to their class schedule for it’s incredible strength training and beautiful spinning option. In our  Lyra classes you will learn a series of moves and tricks based on your ability.  The stronger you get, the harder the tricks get! Trapeze is very similar to Lyra except that with trapeze you can do work with the ropes.   This class is a great supplement to any other aerial or pole class. (Please wear appropriate attire for this class - leggings and fitted shirt)





Our Basic Silks class is for those who like to stay close to the ground.  You will learn Strength and Flexibility moves as well as Fluid Aerial Dance, NO Drops.  All levels welcome.  Please wear appropriate attire (leggings and a fitted shirt)

aerial sling.PNG

Sultry  Sling -    Low Flow            

Our Aerial Sling Low Flow class focuses on low to the ground poses, wraps, flexibility moves, floorwork and spins. Aerial Dance is a great way to gain strength and flexibility!  This is an all levels class.  Please wear appropriate attire (Leggings, fitted shirt, socks)

Aerial combo.png

Aerial Playground

This class is for all level aerial students.  All equipment is available to practice or learn new moves one on one with your instructor.

You must currently be in an Aerial class to attend.