Katwalk Classes

We have a huge variety of Dance Fitness, Pole Fitness and Aerial Classes for all fitness levels! Whether you are trying to reach your health goals or have a little fun, we’ve got something for everyone!!

-Pole Fitness Series-


Intro to Pole

Your introduction to pole starts here. You will get a taste of everything! You'll learn stretches, dance moves, floorwork, basic pole lifts, spins and tricks. We start nice and slow so you can fully understand what Pole Fitness is and what to expect in our classes. 

 This class is a requirement before you can start the Pole Program.  You can also take this class as many times as needed.


Pole Levels 1-4

This Program is designed for new pole students to learn Correct Pole Technique and Form while building Strength and gaining Flexibility. We start with Level 1 which covers all of your foundation Tricks, Spins, Climbs and Dance moves as well as all of the fun extras. We hold Graduations every 6-8 weeks for students who are ready to “Level Up”. Each level has a different set of Evolution Tricks, Inverted and Aerial Moves, Combinations, Floorwork and  Balance Poses. All dance moves and Pole poses will be combined to create a fluid routine , the higher the level - the harder it is. If you are not sure which class you fit into, one of our Certified Instructors can give you an assessment. You are encouraged to learn at your own pace, rushing progress or jumping ahead can lead to injuries and feel overwhelming. Just remember- Pole Fitness is a journey, not a race!

There is no advance sign up required for Pole Levels 1-4.


Alternative Pole Classes

Polenastics- This class is just what it sounds like, the acrobatic/gymnastic style of Pole Fitness. Learn a large variety of fun and inspiring moves and combinations great for any level student.  This class is strictly tricks and conditioning, there is no dancing involved. Shoes are optional.

Pole Choreography- This class focuses on fluid dance moves and sultry floorwork.  There are no pole tricks in this class, just dance. This is an all level class and a great supplement to your Pole Fitness classes.  You will need Knee Pads or full length pants, Heels or Socks.  

Exotic Dance & Floorwork- The Art of Stripper Style.  Traditional Exotic dance choreography perfected over 17 years of experience in the Adult Industry, we are excited to share these sexy and show stopping moves.  You don't have to be an Entertainer to dance sexy with us but we welcome all Dancers to come improve their skills in this sultry class.