Dance Fitness

Wanna get your cardio on but don’t have the motivation? Want to have fun while you shake and shimmy your cares and pounds away? Look not further! Katwalk has you covered!

Dance Fitness classes include Zumba, Chair dance, Tone & Twerk, Barre, Bellydance Fit, Strip Cardio, Dancehall, Hip Hop, High Heel Choreography, Retro Cardio, Burlesque Cardio and much more! (Classes change monthly)

Pole Fitness

Want to try something challenging and sexy? Pole fitness is a great way to gain Strength, Flexibility and tone your entire body! Our Pole Fitness program covers everything from the Basics to Advanced Acrobatics! No experience is needed! If you are new to Pole, try our Intro to Pole series!

Pole Fitness classes includes all Pole levels , Floorwork, Fluid motion, Handstands & Flexibility, Pole Conditioning, Exotic dance, Pole Choreography and more! (Classes change monthly)

Aerial Classes

Circus and Aerial classes are being added to studios across the globe for their incredible strength training and spinning visuals. We invite you to fly with us in one of our Aerial classes!

Aerial classes are separate and non transferable. Options include Lyra, Hammock, Silks, Static Trapeze.

Parties & Rentals

Girls Night Out has never been better! Build amazing memories with your friends in our Night Club Atmosphere Studio. Book your Pole, Chair, Twerk or Burlesque party with Katwalk today!

Party Options and Prices vary.


Not sure what certain classes are about? Give us a call or send us an email and we’d be happy to explain!

Dance Fitness


Retro Cardio

Our upbeat cardio dance routines will “Rock with You” all night and take you right back to “Funky Town”!!! This 45 minute Cardio dance class is full of fun dance moves, booty and ab work and the music is so good you’ll be begging for more!!!! Leg warmers and sweat bands optional 😉


Chair Dance

Chair dance is trending everywhere for obvious reasons! Chair dance is low impact and can be done in heels. Mixing classic burlesque and modern dance to create a fusion of sexy! From hair flips to hip sways this class is sure to give you a new use for that old chair at home!!


Strip Cardio

This one’s gonna hurt! One of a kind high heel aerobics! This is a full body quick tone class, speeding up those results by repetitive motion matching the beat of your favorite songs. All levels welcome, but if you need to walk or sit down the next day you may want to try something easier! Heels are optional.


Booty Cardio

This amazing fusion class is like what you would get if Zumba and Twerkout had a baby! The music is great and the results even better! Dance those extra inches off and improve your health in this high energy Cardio Dance Fitness class!


Handstands & Flexibility

In this class we combined correct technique and strength building to help you achieve the perfect Handstand, Elbow Stand, Backbend and Balance moves with intense stretching specific to Pole and Aerial moves. You can share your progress with other students by joining our #katwalkhandstandchallenge on Instagram. You do not need any Handstand or stretching experience to attend this class.


Hair & Heels

Having trouble dancing or even walking in those sexy shoes? No problem, we’ve got you covered!! Our high heel class is for all levels and will help you conquer those shoes and dance moves! So get ready to learn new, easy to follow choreography each week while building strength and gaining balance in your heels! You can bring your own or check out our catalogs at the studio!


Sexy Flexy

This is an intense active Flexibility class focusing on your hips, legs and back. This is a great class for anyone looking to improve their flexibility and control with fluid movements. All levels are welcome.



Shake that ass into shape with our professional twerk team!! We can teach you the skillz to get those buns and bellies tight! Twerkout is more than shaking your butt, it’s an entire body cardio workout that is so fun you will forget you’re at the gym!!!!! This is an all levels class.

Belly Dance.jpg

Belly Dance

We believe that all women are beautiful, especially when they belly dance! We have taken this ancient form of dance and turned it into a cardio fitness class that will work muscles you didn’t know existed! From muscle control to poppin those hips, we can show you all the moves to leave you feeling like an exotic goddess!


Twerk Cardio

This ass kicking class is 45 minutes of Cardio and Booty Control. It’s unlike any cardio class you’ve taken before!! Tone your body while shaking that booty to the best variety of music picked to keep you pumped! This is an all levels class!


Pole Fitness

Intro pole dance.jpeg

Intro to Pole

Your introduction to pole starts here. You will get a taste of everything from stretches to basic pole lifts, spins and tricks. We start nice and slow so you can fully understand what Pole Fitness is and what to expect in our classes. This 4 week course is a requirement before you can start the Pole Program.

Here at Katwalk we pride ourselves on having a detailed and productive Pole Fitness Program. If you are not sure where you fit in please ask an instructor!


Pole Level 1

This Class is designed for new pole students to learn Correct Pole Technique and Form while building Strength and gaining Flexibility. We cover all of your foundation Tricks, Spins, Climbs and Dance moves as well as Evolution Tricks, Inverted and Aerial Moves, Combinations, Floorwork and Balance Poses. This level of pole will progress slightly faster because your basics are under your belt after completing Intro to Pole, but you are still encouraged to learn at your own pace, rushing progress or jumping ahead can lead to injuries and feel overwhelming. Just remember- Pole Fitness is a journey, not a race! When you are ready to move on, a graduation will be held!

*Must complete Intro to Pole or be evaluated to attend this class.


Pole Level 2

Now that you have your basics strong and confident, we move on to Inverts, Thigh holds, Split grips, Handstands, Intermediate Floorwork and Flow, Aerial Combinations and much more ;) Pole is an endless journey with new techniques and moves being created every day! As you progress, you’ll see muscles toning, strength building and confidence soaring!!

You must consult with Kat or graduate Level 1 before joining.


Exotic Flow

The Art of Stripper Style. Traditional & Russian Exotic Styles. This class is full of slinky Pole choreography, floor grinds, slides, flexibility and balance moves. We recommend all students wear leggings, knee pads or knee socks. This is an all levels class.


Spin Pole 1

Love to spin? So do we!!! Join us for this beginner class to learn speed control, visually stunning tricks and how to convert static poses into spinning combos! *You must complete Intro to Pole to join this class.


Pole Choreography

Learn new combos and routines each week in this sultry and fun Pole Choreography class! No complicated tricks or conditioning, just great tunes and sexy moves! This is an all levels class, please wear knee coverage and heels.

Pole dance 5.jpeg

Low Flow/ Floorwork

This class is full of fun pole dance moves and floor flow without any of those complicated tricks! With a new routine every week you’ll never run out of fresh dance moves! Heels are optional, knee coverage is suggested. This is an all levels class.



It's just what it sounds like! The gymnastic/acrobatic side of Pole Fitness. This class is shoe optional and covers only tricks, no dance or floorwork. This is an all levels class so come prepared to have something new to try every time!


Aerial Classes


Intro to Silks

Our Silks program begins with a 4 week Introduction Course or our beginner classes. In this time you will learn beginner foundation climbs, tricks, strength and flexibility moves. Once completed you may attend our recreational Silks classes.


Intro to Lyra

This is a popular one!!! Dance studios across the world have added Lyra to their class schedule for it’s incredible strength training and beautiful spinning option. Our Intro to Lyra classes will teach you foundation mounts, lifts, tricks, hangs strength building. Once completed you may attend our recreational Lyra classes.


Aerial Conditioning

This class is for active aerial students to supplement their strength and flexibility training. We work on upper body and core strength, stamina and flexibility. This is an all levels class.