How this schedule works-

Existing, Renewing or New Dance Fit Members/ Drop Ins - Retro Cardio, Booty Cardio, Chair Dance, Strip Cardio, Handstands & Flexibility, Tone & Twerk, Belly Fit, Sexy Flexy, Hair & Heels, Twerk Cardio

Pre-Register Series include- Intro to Pole or Intro to Silks/ Lyra

Pole Members - Pole Levels 1-3, Low Flow , Exotic Flow, Pole Choreography, Strip Cardio, Handstands & Flexibility, Open Pole

Aerial Members/Series Members- Intro to Lyra, Lyra 1, Intro to Silks, Silks 1, Aerial Conditioning

Our Schedule is updated monthly



STARTS 8/5/19

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